Many Disneyland visitors are often unaware of the hidden gems that lie within the park’s details. One of these hidden gems is the mailboxes that are scattered throughout the park. In total, there are over a dozen working mailboxes located in five of Disneyland’s lands, with some purely decorative mailboxes located throughout the resort. 

If you plan on sending a letter or postcard from Disneyland, make sure to plan ahead and bring your own stamps as Disney does not sell them on the property. You can also purchase postcards from the park or bring your own to send. It’s a fun way to take a break from the rides and attractions and send a message to loved ones back home. 

At the end of each day (excluding weekends and holidays), cast members retrieve the mail from the mailboxes, which are then sent out from a local post office. If you’re a guest of a Disneyland Resort Hotel, you can take advantage of their free mailing service at the front desk, which allows you to send postcards and letters without worrying about stamps. 

So, the next time you’re at Disneyland, take a moment to appreciate the little details and send some mail to your friends and family.

Disneyland’s working mailboxes
  • Main Street USA: Front Gate
  • Main Street USA: Near Left Tunnel
  • Main Street USA: Near Right Tunnel
  • Main Street USA: City Hall
  • Main Street USA: Opera House
  • Main Street USA: Emporium
  • Main Street USA: Disney Clothiers
  • Main Street USA: Plaza Point
  • Main Street USA: Central Hub Left
  • Frontierland: Pioneer Mercantile
  • Frontierland: Bonanza Outfitters
  • Main Street USA: Central Hub Right
  • Adventureland: Adv. Bazaar
  • Critter Country: Briar Patch
  • Frontierland: Stage Door Café
  • Critter Country: Pooh Corner
  • Tomorrowland: Winner’s Circle
Disney Californa Adventure Mailboxes
  • Buena Vista Street Mailbox: Just before you go under the Monorail bridge
  • Hollywood Land Mailbox: After you pass Award Wieners, round the corner on your left and right on the corner and you will spot the large, blue, post-office-style 
  • Pacific Wharf Mailbox: in the middle of the seating area
  • Pixar Pier Mailbox: Just behind the giant Luxo Ball
  • Grizzly Peak Mailbox: hanging on the fence to the left of the pergola

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