If you’re going to Disneyland and want to take pictures that will make your friends and family jealous, then you’re not alone.

Sleeping Beauty Castle is the most popular location to take pictures, but there are other great spots to capture the magic of the park. Whether you’re looking for something to post on Instagram or want to create a photo album, we’ve got some great ideas for you.

There are plenty of amazing photo opportunities in Disneyland, so don’t settle for just one photo in front of the castle. To help you capture the best pictures, I have compiled a list of the top Disneyland photo spots and ideas. From official Disneyland photo pass locations to adorable selfies, you won’t want to miss out on these must-see Disneyland photo spots.

The Sleeping Beauty Castle

To capture the best photo of Disneyland Castle, it is recommended to visit early in the morning, before the crowds arrive. This will increase your chances of getting a clear shot without too many people in the background. If visiting during peak time, consider shooting from different angles, such as moving to the side of the castle where you can use benches to get a great angle with a clear background. Another great spot for photos is the Heart Bridge, which offers excellent lighting, especially during sunset, and a clear background. Remember to shoot from an elevated angle to capture the castle and avoid capturing people in the background. To enhance your photo, try using a wide-angle lens to capture the grandeur of the castle, and don’t be afraid to get creative with your poses and add props or accessories to add some extra flair to your shot.

King Arthur Carrousel

The King Arthur Carrousel is not only a classic Disneyland attraction, but it’s also a fantastic photo spot. The vibrant colors of the carrousel make for a great backdrop, and the ornate details add to the charm of your photos. To capture the magic of this ride, consider standing in front of the horses and using a low angle to showcase their beauty. You could also try posing on one of the horses or taking a photo while riding the carrousel. Don’t forget to take advantage of the lighting at different times of the day to create a unique and stunning photo. With a little creativity, you can capture some truly Instagram-worthy shots at the King Arthur Carrousel.


The Dumbo ride at Disneyland is a classic attraction that offers a fun and whimsical photo opportunity. To capture the perfect shot, you could consider taking a photo while riding on the ride with the colorful lights of Fantasyland in the background. Alternatively, you could take a shot of the ride in motion, with the vibrant blend of colors of the ride and its surroundings creating a unique and memorable shot. Another great option is to take a photo of the ride from an elevated angle, capturing the spinning elephants and the surrounding area in the background. With a little creativity, you can create truly magical photos at the Dumbo ride in Disneyland. The best place to click photos of this ride is to go to the back of the ride and take your shots while all the Dumbos are in the air. However, you can also get great shots while the Dumbos are stationary; if your subject is up against the rail, you will get everything in the shot.


Mad Tea Party

There is a stationary teacup that would make for a great photo subject. You can take a photo from a low angle through the entrance of the teacup or from the front. If you go a bit lower, you can capture a rustic-looking photo with the Mad Hatter shop in the background. The best time of day for these photos is in the morning when you can get great backlighting.


Toontown at Disneyland is a whimsical and colorful land that offers some great photo opportunities. Toontown is home to Mickey and Minnie’s houses, as well as Goofy’s Playhouse, and Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin, all of which make great backdrops for photos. You can take a photo in front of each of these iconic buildings, or even inside them. The vibrant colors and unique architecture of Toontown also make for great photos, so don’t be afraid to explore and take photos of the details of the land. You can also snap a photo with the Toontown residents, such as Mickey and Minnie Mouse, or even take a silly selfie with Goofy. With so many fun and playful photo opportunities, Toontown is definitely a must-visit spot for any Disneyland photographer.

There are many other places in Disneyland where you can take great photos. However, I have chosen to focus on these 5 locations as they are the most popular among visitors. If you’re looking to capture a unique shot that stands out from the typical social media posts, then these spots might be a good starting point for you. Remember, have fun and get creative! Although possessing photos is great, candid shots are still my personal favorite.

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