San Juan, Puerto Rico

Not a bad view to take in while catching up on some emails.

Since we didn’t get into port until 2, we enjoyed our morning relaxing and hanging out. 



He loves watching as we pull into port.
 I booked a wheelchair taxi for our day in San Juan. Our driver was waiting for us at the port when we got off the ship. We loaded up and headed out; I told him what we would like to do, and he took good care of us. Marvin was knowledgeable about the area and gave current and historical news.
 On our list was to get a Pina colada (San Juan is the home of the Pina colada, after all). Daniel is now 19, so trying/ordering cocktails where he can is becoming a thing for us. After stopping at the Caribe Hilton, the drink’s birthplace, we headed towards the town.
There were ramps, that are steep and rough. They were limited enough that I was glad that we opted to have transportation.

 We wanted to see the fort, and I hoped to be there around sunset. We got there right before the fort closed but long enough to explore. Remember that the forts are National Parks, so bring your Access Pass to get in for free. They were very accessible, with bathrooms and everything.

There was parking that was accessible right at the beginning of the path up to the fort.

There was a very steep ramp up to the top that is original it was a challenge and a bit scary but well worth the view.
We did make it at sunset and it was well worth waiting till the end of the day.

I love to try local foods, and Brett enjoys good coffee. Supposedly, Puerto Rico has some of the best coffee. So we opted to stop in a little coffee shop and try the coffee, and I got myself a quesitos. The quesito is a light and flaky dessert from Spain; mine had cream cheese and guava paste inside. It was so good, and I must make them some time for the family.

Then it was back to the ship. We could have stayed longer, but by this time, the sun was going down, and we were all very worn out. And ready for a cool shower and dinner.

Puerto Rico was beautiful, and I could spend more time exploring and taking in the island.

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