Disney Cruise Lines Special Needs Form

The term “special needs” can mean so many things to different people, but if you have any requests that may need to be prepared before you get on board. To ensure that all your needs are met so you can have the best cruise possible, I recommend you on to the Disney Cruise line special needs form and fill it out at least 60 days before your cruise. This will make sure that there is plenty of time to get you all of your requests filled. 


You will need to know all your travel information to fill this out. But it is a quick and easy form, asking about your medical needs and the equipment that you are using or having delivered. If you are in need of having medical equipment delivered besure that you conntact a compay that works with your cruise line. As a TA representative to Special Needs at Sea I am always happy to help my clients out with booking everything that may need for a restful and enjoyable vacation.
Then it will go on to mobility issues to ensure that you are entirely prepared. DCL will do there best to ensure you have everything you may need.
This is where those who may not feel they need to do a form like this may be surprised. It asks about hearing, visual, and food allergies. Even if you have put it on your reservation, if it is an allergy that could not be noted or that you need to be extra careful of, it is always reasonable to double the efforts for your safety.

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