After many changes in our plans we are final a the point of doing our online check-in.

Now that the rules for travel has changed and Covid vaccines are no longer required and the need to test is departing. I feel that the process is back to the way it original was. At least that is what I have been told. 

Funny story I have been thinking that this was our first cruise on Royal Caribbean but I discovered that I was wrong. Turns out that 25 years ago we went on a Royal Caribbean cruise for our honeymoon. But I am here to say that many things have changed in the cruise industry. The biggest of those things is cruise line apps. 

If you are going on any cruise line I strongly encourage you to download the app.

When I first downloaded the RC app I was lets just say under whelmed but the then we hit our online check-in day and I decided to go through the Royal Caribbean app. 

Online check-in can be done on your computer too but everything that I read said that the app is the way to go.  

By doing your check-in early you are able to speed up your check-in process at the port. You will be skipping filling out the forms at the pier. You can do online check-in up to 72 hours before your cruise and is able to be done 45 days before your cruise. Make sure that you have everything that you need before logging in so that it can go smoothly and simply. 

  • Ship name, sailing date and Royal Caribbean reservation number.
  • Passport or proof of citizenship and identification
  • Home address
  • Emergency contact name with phone number
  • Travel plans before and after your cruise
  • Credit card to use for your onboard expense account
  • Photo of cruisers (This can been done at a later date but much easier if everyone is there to snap a shot of them.)

 On your actual day of sailing, you and everyone in your group will only need your signed SetSail pass, identification documents and the credit card that you registered with to board.

I have to say that this was the fastest and smoothest check-in that I have ever done. The app is so easy and user friendly; I am not a tech savvy person so that is saying a lot.

Once you get everything entered you are able to pick your Port Arrival Time (PAT). I’m very excited that we got the 10:30 PAT, meaning that we will be the first group to board the ship.


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