Where to start and when do you need to do what?

As I prepare for my upcoming trip to Disneyland, I am also thinking about my trip to Walt Disney World next year.

While I am lucky enough to get to Disneyland rather often, WDW is not as accessible to me. Between the 4-5 hour flight, time changes, and overall size it takes to visit, it’s much easier to take a long weekend and go to DL. Don’t get me wrong, I love WDW, but I always feel that if I can’t give an entire week, I don’t feel like I can take it all in and enjoy it. 

This leads me always to keep an eye on social media to ensure I can know what’s happening at the parks. While doing that this morning I saw a post about how upset someone was with their current trip. It made me sad that they were upset about their first park trip. It also made me think back to our first multi-day trip, and I decided to use a travel agent even though we lived in Florida at the time. It was a wonderful experience and made our trip magical, removing all my worries and allowing me to join in the fun.


Find Yourself a Travel Agent

If you have not been to the parks or even if you have many times having a travel agent that is knowledgeable of the parks will be a great place to start your planning process. 

There are so many changes always happening, and as travel agents, that is our job to ensure that you are aware of the ins and outs. 

For example, this lady was saying that her bucket list item for this trip was to see the fireworks at Magic Kingdom. Still, unfortunately, she made reservations on a day that Magic Kingdom was closing early. If she had a TA, they could have let her know this and helped her to achieve her goals.

Do Your Research

Even with TA, you should still plan on learning what is offered. Knowing what you would like to do is a great way to help your TA make your wishes come true but also enables you to understand what you will do.  

If you love meeting the characters in a more personal space, a unique dining event might be your speed. But what if your child is terrified of characters? Knowing the answers to these questions will help you have the best trip possible. 

Make a list

I know it sounds silly but sit down with your family and list what everyone would like to do, see, and eat; while at WDW. 

I am not saying that everything will be able to happen, but if you start with a list of your wishes, it will make it easier to do as much as possible. Making a list could also help your see what is most important to everyone and what might be able to wait until your next visit. 


Use your calendar

You will quickly learn WDW has many dates to keep in mind, and a good TA should keep up to date on what is happening and when. But keeping your calendar up to date will also help you know for yourself when things should be done. 

I even do this for my family trips. I have reminders for when I should be booking dining reservations, making reservations for the parks I want to visit, and everything else along the way. 

Here is a good list of dates you should always have in your calendar leading up to your WDW visit. 

  • Disney World room-only reservations: 499 days in advance of your booking date
  • Disney World vacation package reservations: 365-499 days in advance of your booking date
  • Disney World ticket-only orders: 365-499 days in advance of your booking date
  • Disney World park reservations: 365-499 days in advance of your booking date
  • Disney World dining reservations: 60 days in advance of your dining


Now that I have given you all these wonderful pieces of advice, I need to start planning my visit to Walt Disney World; so much to do and so little time to do it. And remember, you always have a friend in the travel industry that is just and phone call away.

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