While traveling during the pandemic, I have seen different levels of housekeeping in hotels. While things slowly are returning to normal I find the most common is that housekeeping is not entering your rooms daily. That means that if you need extra items or services, you may have to make some changes in how you travel. And don’t be afraid to put in a request for things while at check-in, that way you are not waiting they normally will already be working on it. I also had a great experience where I requested additional pillows and towels before I even checked in and they were already waiting in the room for us. It never hurts to ask and if you are respectful with your requests I find that most people will be happy to help you out.

While traveling lately not just due to the pandemic but also as my son grows and his needs change I have complied a list of must-haves while traveling. These things have made us both much more comfortable and travel more enjoyable.

  1. Black garbage bags; the delicate little bags that hotels use will not last more than a day (if that) for us. The dark garbage bags help contain the trash and make our waste a bit more discreet while in the hall waiting to be picked up.
  2. Disposable chucks are a great item to have on hand to avoid any accidents during the night. Since sheets are not being changed like before, this will help keep your sleeping area clean. They also work great keeping wheelchairs dry when getting out of the pool or hot tub. I have not tried these but have heard about disposable sheets that you can buy and put over the hotel sheets; this is another option to ensure your comfort in your hotel bed.
  3. Wet wipes are very handy to always have while traveling. I like these wipes because they are bigger and stronger than the typical wipe.  They can help clean up a small mess but also help refresh yourself before dinner after a busy day in the heat if you don’t have time to take a shower. I like to keep a package in the cooler/fridge when traveling in a hot and humid location, such a nice treat.
  4. Foldable duffel bag this one is big enough to hold all the medical necessities along with the items that we remove from his chair before sending it to the belly of the plane.
  5. Medications should always be in your carry-on, never check anything that you know you will need for at least 24 hours. In case your luggage gets lost you don’t want to not have something that is essential to your health. 
  6. Travel chair charger we used to travel with the large charger that came with the chair. Until one time it broke, we were able to get it fixed but I decided that from that time on we would always have a backup. These are so small and lightweight I can put it in the carry-on with no problems. 
  7. Shower/Commode chair I know many can use the ones in the shower that is attached to the wall or rent one from a local place. Recently we invested in our own travel shower/commode chair and what a blessing. Because it has wheels it can be rolled to bed then over the toilet and shower then back to bed to get ready for the day. 
  8. Accordion Folder Traveling with a copy of your medications, allergies, and a brief medical history hopefully you will never need them but always good to have. This also can hold your travel documents. 
  9. Beverage Buddee Can Cover they go over the top of a soda can so that he can close it up without worrying about it spilling or going flat.
  10. Patience, flexibility and sense of humor will make your trip go better. If you make sure you “pack” these ask anyone that travels no matter your ability, if you go into a vacation with realistic expectations you will find that things may go even better than expected.

This list does not include your clothes, shoes, and other everyday essentials. Everyone has different needs on that level. My husband can pack for a trip in a backpack when for the same trip I need a medium suitcase. Pack what you feel will make your vacation the best that it can be. Have fun and enjoy!

I have not been paid nor do I get anything from the links above. They are items that my  family and I have used and enjoy.

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