A bit about me and my family; what makes me tick. 

About Me - Regina Lane

Hello everyone, I am Regina, a Mom, Wife, animal lover, cook/baker/taster, and explorer of new things. 

I have been told many times that I was born in the wrong era; I missed my generation by about 30 years. 

Why would someone say that to me?  Simply, I love the simple things in life! 

Getting up in the morning and going for a walk with my dog, saying hi to the neighbors (yup, I know my neighbors and even have their phone numbers), and letting them know that I am happy to help if they need it. 

I enjoy a cup of tea from my kitchen brewed with loose leaf tea in a teapot while reading a book in the backyard. My favorite smells are a roast cooking in the crock-pot, tomatoes growing in my garden, and laundry drying on the line. Oh yes, I have a clothesline and use it all the time. But my favorite thing in the world are making people smile making sure they know they are important to me; my husband, son, friends, clients and co-workers. If you are in my life, I want to take care of you. I will feed you too much and always remember your favorites, surprise you with random gifts because it reminded me of you, and call out of the blue to see how you are doing. 

I understand that I seem old school, but as a Mom of an 18-year-old man (he will always be my bouncing baby boy) who has been in a wheelchair since he was a baby, I have had to venture outside of that 1940’s world and learn to make the best most inclusive world for him. That is where lots of posts are going to lead. How a Mom with minimal experience in the world of physical challenges raising a man that does not question “if he can do something” but “how can he do it.”  There leads us to our family motto; Hold My Root beer; a couple more years, and it can be, hold my beer.


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