Are you tired of fighting your way through crowded places and looking for a peaceful spot to sit and relax? Let me help you with that! I have compiled a list of top seating spots where you can grab a rest and escape the hustle and bustle of the busy park. Keep reading to find out where you can find your next oasis of calm.


Mickey’s Toontown Park

Toontown is one of my favorite lands in Disneyland. I love the classics and Toontown is one of the best places to meet your favorite Disney characters. Even though this energetic, loud, and interactive land can be overwhelming, there is a quiet little oasis for weary travelers. The area has benches, shade trees, and open spaces to stretch out and enjoy some relaxation. Parents love it as well because there’s a play area where children can run around and burn off their energy before standing in another line. I enjoy picking up a pretzel, corn dog or drink and sitting back and relax in the peaceful surroundings.

You can get some nice snacks in Toontown at Café Daisy, Good Boy! Grocers, and Popcorn Cart. 

Casey Jr. Platform

Fantasyland is usually crowded as it’s squeezed in tightly. However, if you head towards the back of the land by Dumbo, you’ll come across an elevated platform leading to the Circus Train. Most visitors tend to overlook it, but the platform actually has a large seating area with picnic tables and umbrellas. Looking for a tranquil spot to rest while enjoying the beautiful surroundings of Fantasyland? The Casey Jr. platform is the perfect place to be.

If you are looking for a yummy snack before grabbing a seat; Maurice’s Treats, Red Rose Taverne, Edelweiss Snacks. You can moblie order at Red Rose and Edelweiss, I would recommend mobile ordering early in the day if there is a treat that you are craving. 


Fantasyland Dock

If you head towards the opposite end of Fantasyland, in between It’s a Small World and The Matterhorn, you will come across a covered dock located to the left of Edelweiss Snacks. This dock used to be a speedboat dock but now serves as a waterfront seating area where you can relax, dine and admire the beautiful view.

Snow White’s Grotto and Wishing Well

(Right side of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, when facing the castle)

This area is less traveled and offers a nice escape from the crowds. You can explore Snow White’s beautiful fountain or make a wish in her Wishing Well. It’s also a favorite place for Snow White and the Evil Queen.

Disneyland Railroad Train 

The railroad can get busy, but it’s still a great place to get off your feet and let your family decompress. There are lots of fun things to see while going around the park.

Frontierland Shipping Office

If you’re looking for a more secluded seating area, head over to Frontierland. You can find a brown building called the Shipping Office along the waterfront. Climb up the stairs or use the ramp to reach a small deck that overlooks the river. From there, you can watch the boats pass by, enjoy some snacks from the nearby food carts or simply soak in the ambiance of Disneyland’s wildest land.

During my last visit, I ordered dinner from Tiana’s Place, walked over here and enjoyed a quiet dinner.


Mark Twain Riverboat and/or Sailing Ship Columbia

Take a break and enjoy a ride on the Mark Twain Riverboat or Sailing Ship Columbia for a scenic journey around the Rivers of America. You can freely move around and explore the boat or ship, or simply relax and enjoy the view of the surrounding shores. It’s also a great opportunity for people-watching.

Pirate’s Lair on Tom Sawyer Island

Along with a fun and relaxing ride across the river the island provides a peaceful escape from crowds. While kids can explore, adults can relax and admire the Rivers of America.

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Tiki Room

Looking for a fun place to take a break? Why not grab a world-famous Dole Whip and head into Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room for some tropical relaxation? And if you’d rather skip the Tiki Room (although I’m not sure why you would!), you can also head to the backside of the Tiki Room. There are a few tables there that overlook the walkway to Adventure Land. It’s a lovely place that many visitors miss as they leave the Tiki Room. You can get a delicious Dole Whip from either the Tiki Juice Bar or The Tropical Hideaway, then head up the side stairs to grab a seat and enjoy a little break from the crowds. 


Critter Country/Pooh’s Corner

at the exit of Tiana’s Bayou Adventure 

You can relax in one of the quiet corners with benches, while you enjoy a Tigger Tail and watch the children meet their favorite character from the Hundred Acre Wood.

Behind Thunder Mountain

On the path between Frontierland and Fantasyland, there are benches scattered along the walkway that lead to the entrance of Galaxies Edge. These benches are perfect for taking a break and resting your feet after a long day of walking. You can grab a delicious pickle at the carts located in either Fantasyland or Frontierland. I don’t know what they do to make these pickles so good, but they are definitely the best around.

Main Street Opera House

is a great place to relax and cool off from the California heat. The attraction is both inspiring and patriotic with its Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln show.

Harbor Galley Seating

is a peaceful area located along the dock, behind the restaurant. It offers table and chairs where you can rest and grab a snack. Only a few people know about this spot, making it a perfect place to relax and unwind. If any of the boats are in dry dock, you can get a closer look at them. It is an excellent location to stop for lunch after placing a mobile order at Tiana’s Place.


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Main Street Cinema

is the perfect spot to take a quick break from the California sun. Enjoy classic cartoon favorites such as Steamboat Willie and Mickey’s Polo Team! 


Golden Horseshoe 

When there are no shows, the Golden Horseshoe is a great place to relax and cool down. If it happens to be during showtime, don’t worry, just head upstairs; you’ll usually find plenty of available seats. They serve some delicious seasonal treats, in addition to the classic chicken tenders and fish and chips. 

The Hungry Bear Restaurant

offers seating at the back of the restaurant, which is a great area with tables and chairs. The seating is situated outside but has a covered lower section and an expansive seating deck next to where you place your order. From this area, you can often enjoy a nice view of the Disneyland Railroad, and also get a great view of the Mark Twain riverboat or the Sailing Ship Columbia.

California Adventure

Silly Swings Deck

Did you know that California Adventure has a hidden seating area with a breathtaking view of Paradise Bay? As you walk towards the entrance to the Silly Symphony Swings, you’ll notice a lower platform beneath the actual ride. You can walk along the platform, which extends out over the water. The views from this spot are absolutely stunning and it’s one of my favorite places to sit with a churro and just soak in the surroundings.


Grizzly River Run Trail

The area behind Grizzly River Run features a waterfall that creates white noise and is relatively quiet. 


Redwood Creek Challenge Trail

Looking for a place to let your kids burn off some energy? Check out Redwood Creek Challenge Trail! While they play, you can relax against a rock or log.


Sonoma Terrace

Sit back, relax and enjoy the view of people passing by at Sonoma Terrace, located next to the Wine Country Trattoria Restaurant. You could even order a glass of wine while you’re there.


Grand Californian Entrance into Disney California Adventure

Upon entering Disney California Adventure from the Grand Californian Hotel, guests are greeted by charming rustic benches that offer a relaxing retreat. However, visitors can enjoy these benches at any time, not just when entering or exiting the park.

Inside the Animation Building

you’ll find a few couches, a carpet, an animation studio with classes, the Sorcerer’s Workshop to explore (including Beast’s library with interactive books), and Turtle Talk with Crush, an interactive show.


Air Conditioned Shows

There are three air-conditioned shows where visitors can sit, relax and watch: Turtle Talk with Crush in the Animation Building, PhilharMagic, and a show in the Hyperion Theatre. However, strollers are not allowed inside.


Outside of the Parks


The Grand Californian Hotel and Spa Lobby

is a peaceful and tranquil haven. The lobby is equipped with large and comfortable couches and chairs, creating a serene atmosphere. Relaxing music adds to the peaceful ambiance, making it the perfect escape from the hot weather. Don’t forget to look for the Hidden Mickeys in the Lobby, which add a touch of fun to your relaxation time.

The Disneyland Hotel

boasts a cozy outdoor seating area near Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar, complete with a massive outdoor fireplace that offers warmth and comfort. While this area can be quite popular due to its proximity to the Tiki Bar, it remains the perfect spot to unwind after a long day of walking around. Visitors can treat themselves to a refreshing drink, including mock cocktails for those under 21, and enjoy the soothing ambiance of the fireplace.



Disneyland Resort Picnic Area

is a hidden gem that many visitors tend to overlook. If you happen to be outside the Disneyland gates, to the left of the entrances, you can find a secluded picnic area. Although the area can get busy during certain times of the year, such as group or school trips, there are times when you might have the whole area to yourself, making your visit feel extra special.

GCH Craftsman Grill

located inside the Grand Californian Hotel, is a fantastic place to take a break and enjoy some delicious food. The restaurant offers both indoor and outdoor seating, so you can relax and take a breather from the theme park buzz. Whether you bring your own snacks or choose something from their menu, you’ll find tasty options that cater to all ages. Come and indulge in their yummy snacks and meals!


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